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  • Our Process

    Initial Phone Call

    When you contact our office, Kim, our Office Manager, will be the point of contact. Initially, she will attentively address any inquiries you may have, aiming to provide comprehensive answers. Subsequently, she will assist in arranging your project estimate, during which she will gather pertinent details about your project. This information will be documented to ensure that the Sales Manager is well-informed before his trip to your home.

    Free Consultation

    Our process commences with a complimentary in-home consultation aimed at thoroughly exploring the intricacies of your project. During this phase, meticulous measurements, notes, and photographs may be taken with your permission. As each project presents unique challenges, this detailed information allows us to provide you with a preliminary estimate promptly on the same day at your residence. This expedited service is made possible through our extensive experience in the remodeling field. Following the estimate discussion, we inquire if the proposed budget aligns with your expectations. Should you confirm, we proceed by scheduling a showroom visit for you to make selections.

    Selections/ Design Consultation

    This phase entails a collaborative effort between you and our designer, emphasizing a personalized approach. Here, you will be guided through the selection of various elements, with our team available to provide assistance and creative input as needed. Upon finalizing your selections, we will present a detailed 3D visualization of your home, generated from the precise measurements obtained, displayed on a screen for enhanced clarity. Any desired alterations can be accommodated during this stage. Once the design is refined to your satisfaction, we will furnish you with the final quotation for your project.

    Contract Stage

    When we sign the contract is a moment of commitment and agreement, where parties come together to formalize their obligations and promises. It marks the beginning of a legally binding relationship, ensuring clarity and accountability in all future dealings.

    Ordering everything for your project

    Once the contract has been executed and your complete satisfaction with the chosen selections has been confirmed, we proceed to place orders for all project components.

    Permitting /HOA approval process if needed

    Permitting requirements are applicable solely to necessary projects. In consideration of this, a frequently posed inquiry pertains to the duration of this procedural phase. The timeline is contingent on factors such as the need for engineering, the scale of the project, and the corresponding local regulations of the city or county. The process entails numerous steps, typically spanning a timeframe of 30 to 90 days; however, expedited approvals have been achieved within as little as a week. Regarding Homeowner Association (HOA) approvals, we would request the requisite form for completion, noting that this process often proves to be considerably swifter, with same-day approvals being a possibility, subject to individual HOA guidelines and procedures.

    Remodeling Starts

    The moment has arrived to initiate the scope of your project. Throughout this phase, our primary focus lies in safeguarding your home, with meticulous measures in place to minimize dust and the careful placement of protective cardboard on floors. Notably, unlike many General Contractors who heavily rely on subcontractors, we predominantly employ our own skilled workforce for your project. Our commitment extends to maintaining a consistent presence at your residence throughout the duration of the project, as we understand the concerns surrounding intermittent or prolonged delays that can disrupt progress. It is imperative to emphasize that the owner of our company serves as your direct point of contact, personally overseeing each project to uphold stringent quality standards without compromise.

    Project Review / Punch out

    Upon the culmination of all project phases, we undertake a comprehensive project review. Our company owner will proactively engage with you to review the finalized project, address any outstanding queries or concerns, and ensure your absolute satisfaction with the completed work.

    Workmanship Warranty

    We offer an 18-month warranty on our workmanship, effective from the completion date, as a testament to our commitment to quality. This ensures that our craftsmanship is backed by our promise of reliability and excellence, providing you with peace of mind and support.

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