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  • Professional Remodeling Service

    We are all about providing professional service and getting great results. Our customers are simply amazing because they knew to pick a remodeling company that uses the best materials and top-notch workmanship. At every step of the way — from making a plan, choosing the right stuff, to adding those final touches and doing the clean-up — our customers expect nothing less than the best, and we make sure to get things done on time!

    When we start planning things out, we talk about what we want to achieve, how much we’re looking to spend, and practical ways to get there. If we run into anything unexpected while redoing a bathroom, we promise to keep you in the loop. And if we hit a bump during the remodel, we don’t just leave you hanging; we find solutions. Our remodeling crew is all about smart prep work and paying attention to the little details so everything goes smoothly and we finish when we said we would. We’re so sure of our work that we offer one of the best warranties in the business!

    Showroom Hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm

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    676 US-1 unit 1 • Vero Beach, FL 32962


    Come Visit Our Showroom!

    Touch and feel all the different tiles, textures and colors in person. Our website is nice to see some of it but there’s nothing like seeing our craftsmanship in person!

    More Than Just Standard Quality

    Quality began as an effective approach to doing business. We deeply grasp that without delivering quality work and using quality materials, there won’t be returning customers or referrals. This is why we consistently modernize our methods to ensure that “quality” remains relevant.

    Specialized Service

    One thing that might make us different from other competitors is how we give cost estimates. We don’t use aggressive salespeople who earn commissions.  We want to make sure we consider and explain all the choices thoroughly, not just try to impress you with a sales pitch.